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Accountability: the fact of being responsible for what you do and say.

We hold ourselves accountable at The Credo Co.   We have  disciplined approach to always making ourselves be available, accessible and reliable.  When we identify a goal, a strategic plan always follows.  You can trust that we will always do what we say and deliver you the service you deserve while maintain our values.

Courage: moral strength to venture, persevere, and withstand danger, fear, or difficulty

Some values are difficult to maintain, especially when fear, anxiety and other challenges are present.    We find that when challenges present themselves, when times are difficult, those are the times to rely on our values the most.  Courage is the value we rely on first in any challenge as it reinforces us to always use good judgement, regardless of popularity or other external forces.  The courage to focus on our values, provides us and consequently our clients true realized value.

Faith: firm belief in something for which there is no proof; allegiance to duty.

Faith is a gift we take seriously.  It is the foundation for all our values.  The Credo Co. also performs our work in a manner that is faithful to our clients, partners and ourselves.

Generosity: the quality of being kind and generous.

We all have been helped by others in our lives.  Family, mentors other friends have all shared their talents with us.  When we are given an opportunity, we feel it is incumbent to share our success with others, especially those in need.

Humility: freedom from pride or arrogance the quality or state of being humble. 

The Credo Co. views humility as an essential guiding value as it encourages transparency, honesty and drives us to ever improve.  Humility demands that we always treat others, no matter who they are, with respect.  If pride can lead to negative consequences, humility can combat that influence and lead to true success.

Servant-Leadership: to direct on a course; to serve as a channel for advancement.

As leaders, we seek to gain as much knowledge as possible, learn all the angles, cut through confusion to communicate our objective, simplify the situation and consequently achieve great results.  We have learned that the difference between an effective organization and a mob is a leader.  When working with our clients and partners, we lead by setting a tone and serve as a catalyst for your efforts, for we know that true leadership comes through service to others.  With The Credo Company’s leadership, we drive toward our goals in a motivated and ethical manner every day. 

Trust : assured reliance on the character, ability, strength, or truth of someone or something.

Trust is our founding principle.   Trust is the first and foremost goal that The Credo Co. strives for when working with others.  Trust is the result of all our values put into action. One definition of the latin word “Credo” is trust.

Wisdom: the soundness of an action or decision with regard to the application of experience, knowledge, and good judgment.

We constantly seek wisdom.  We value those who can teach us and help us regularly improve.  The Credo Company knows that success is a direct result of continuous learning.  With wisdom, we can avoid mistakes, embrace challenges, remain agile and achieve great results.  Our collective wisdom is provided to our clients and partners at all times when we are working together.



We believe all consulting must be based on honesty, wisdom and insight. You can expect it from us.

Whether working with Fortune 500 corporations or non-profit associations, The Credo Co. is a trusted consultant and partner for your mission and goals. We operate under the motto factum non verbum – actions not words.

We believe in hard work, and we know there is no substitute for it. ​We hold ourselves accountable, and we deliver results.


“Credo [ kray-doh ] – noun; a set of principles or beliefs.”