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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why hire a government relations / lobbying firm?

A: Be heard. Highlight what you value or what value you create. Help make government and the community better. These are all reasons to engage in government relations. Government relations, lobbying, or interest representation is the act of attempting to educate, advocate and hopefully influence the actions, policies, or decisions of officials. These officials can reside in legislative offices or be members of regulatory agencies. Lobbying, which usually involves direct, face-to-face contact, is done by many types of people, associations and organized groups, including individuals in the private sector, corporations, fellow legislators or government officials, or advocacy groups.

Q: What is the difference in types of consulting and lobbying firms?

A: Government relations firms (or lobbying firms) can mean variety of things. Not all legislative firms can handle executive agency advocacy in the governor’s administration. And, likewise, firms that focus on regulatory decisions or procurement, may not be the best for legislative goals.

Based on the subject matter a lobbyist is attempting to influence, Ohio law categorizes engagements as either: legislative engagements, executive engagements, or retirement system engagements. For example, a lobbyist attempting to influence legislation–regardless of with whom they are communicating–is a legislative agent (i.e. legislative lobbyist). Each type of engagement is subject to different regulations. (from JLEC website).

The Credo Co. is one of the only firms in the state of Ohio that has a dedicated consulting team for respective divisions of government relations. Our legislative team invests their time and talent in the legislative offices and process. Our executive agency consultants invest their time and talents working with the governor, lieutenant governor and other executive offices and staff. We make these talents and relationships available to you in a strategic and effective manner to ensure a high return on investment for you and your organization.

Q: Who are the best lobbying/government relations firms in Ohio?

A: The best or most effective lobbying firms are the ones that listen first to their client’s needs. Listening is the foundation of The Credo Company’s approach to our client’s challenges. Listening helps our firm and clients formulate the most impactful strategy to successfully accomplish our clients’ goals. Also, government relations firms who relation on “relationships” are usually the most effective as they are operating with the help of having relationships with key government offices who can provide more clarity and direction.

We believe that in order to be a top lobbying and government relations consulting firm in Ohio, we need to earn your trust by listening first, creating an agreed to strategy and implementing that strategy with the key relationships and trust that our firm has built.

Q: Is there a top or best lobbying firm for government relations in a particular field?

A: Whether it is gambling/gaming, energy, healthcare, insurance, technology/IT, public-private partnerships, banking/finance, The Credo Co. has years of experience helping organizations in all of these fields. When choosing a firm, be sure there are previous examples of success that firm has achieved. Not all firms are equipped to handle various specific projects for your organizations. For example, a successful legislative lobbying firm may not be as effective as a government relations firm that focuses on procurement with a government agency.

Q: How can an organization advocate for financial aid, economic development incentives and capital appropriations?

A: The state of Ohio offers many ways to support organizations with financial aid, incentives and appropriations. Through the governor’s administration and the state agencies there are several tax credits and financing mechanisms that an organization can pursue. Additionally, The Credo Co. can also help an organization work with JobsOhio and ensure the right economic development profressionals who work with the state have attention on your efforts.




We believe all consulting must be based on honesty, wisdom and insight. You can expect it from us.

Whether working with Fortune 500 corporations or non-profit associations, The Credo Co. is a trusted consultant and partner for your mission and goals. We operate under the motto factum non verbum – actions not words.

We believe in hard work, and we know there is no substitute for it. ​We hold ourselves accountable, and we deliver results.


“Credo [ kray-doh ] – noun; a set of principles or beliefs.”