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Public Sector Technology

The Credo Co. helps technology companies, technology consulting firms and organizations leading the charge in innovation for the private and public sector.   We seek to position these organizations with government leaders so that government can  better serve their constituents by leveraging IT to improve existing services and deliver new ones. 

Public finances are constantly under pressure to do more with less.   Governments must innovate; and it is a constant process.  Public offices must meet the needs and add new services for their citizens.  Almost every new improvement in service comes from technology.    When new challenges arise, technology meets the challenge head on and pushes through to deliver better services and results for all of us. 

Whether your company is seeking to address challenges with big data, mobile access or the overall user-experience, The Credo Company is the only consulting firm in Ohio that focuses on the key tech decision makers at all levels of state government.  The results we have delivered for our technology partners speak for themselves. 

If you have the consulting services or tech applications that can better serve citizens, public offices and improve outcomes, we want to hear from you and develop a strategy that puts you to the front of the line to garner the attention your tech solutions deserve.



We believe all consulting must be based on honesty, wisdom and insight. You can expect it from us.

Whether working with Fortune 500 corporations or non-profit associations, The Credo Co. is a trusted consultant and partner for your mission and goals. We operate under the motto factum non verbum – actions not words.

We believe in hard work, and we know there is no substitute for it. ​We hold ourselves accountable, and we deliver results.


“Credo [ kray-doh ] – noun; a set of principles or beliefs.”